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Brief Summary of the Preliminary Archaeological Impact Assessment (PAIA) for the Metal Object

In late 2014, CEDD’s contractor found a metal object beneath the seabed within the reclamation area of WDII Site near the ex-Wan Chai Ferry Pier. In March 2015, CEDD commissioned a marine archaeologist to conduct a preliminary assessment of the historical, heritage and archaeological values of the metal object. According to the PAIA report, the metal object might be the remains of one of the sunk vessels in World War II or the remains of HMS Tamar. However, without the ship’s bell, nameplate or other unique identifier, the identity of the metal object is yet to be confirmed.

CEDD will shortly commission a marine archaeologist to conduct a detailed marine archaeological investigation of the metal object to ascertain its identity and heritage value.

The report of the PAIA for the metal object can be downloaded here.