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Project Introduction

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The key purpose of Wan Chai Development Phase II (WDII) is to provide land at Wan Chai North and North Point for the construction of the Central - Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link (hereafter referred to as "the CWB"). Land formed under the project will be developed as a waterfront promenade joining that at the new Central waterfront for public enjoyment.

Major elements of the WDII project include:

  • Formation of land along the existing coastline at Wan Chai North and North Point for the construction of the CWB;
  • Reprovisioning of affected existing facilities including cross harbour water mains, submarine sewage outfall pipelines, ferry piers, cooling water pumping systems and a salt water pumping station;
  • Extending Road P2 at Central Reclamation Phase III to Wan Chai North and re-aligning the existing Hung Hing Road;
  • Modification of existing roads for connection with the slip roads of the CWB tunnel; and
  • Construction of new pedestrian linkages to the new waterfront.

Interfacing Matters:

  • The WDII project has significant interfaces with Highways Department's Central-Wan Chai Bypass project. To facilitate implementation of the two projects, it has been agreed with Highways Department that works at one location will be carried out by a single contractor. Following this principle, part of the WDII works to the east of the ex-Wan Chai Public Cargo Working Area is entrusted to Highways Department, while the section of the Central-Wan Chai Bypass tunnel structure within WDII works area to the west of the foregoing boundary is entrusted to CEDD for construction under WDII.
  • The construction of the permanent government helipad to the north-east corner of HKCEC for replacing the temporary helipad at the ex-Public Cargo Working Area will also be carried out under one of the WDII contracts.

Construction Cost:

  • The estimated cost is HK$4,643 million in money-of-the-day (MOD) prices for the entire project. Including the works for the government helipad and the CWB tunnel entrusted from HyD, the value of the works under WDII contracts is about HK$10.5 billion (MOD prices).


The construction works for WDII commenced in December 2009. The road works necessary for enabling the commissioning of the Central - Wan Chai Bypass was completed in January 2019. The WDII works at Wan Chai would be implemented under six CEDD works contracts. Four works contracts were awarded since end 2009 and all of them were substantially completed as at end 2018. The implementation plan of the remaining two works contracts would be determined to dovetail with the planning and developments in the Wan Chai areas.

The new permanent government helipad at Expo Drive East and the new Wan Chai Ferry Pier commenced operation in end May 2012 and end August 2014 respectively.

The WDII works at North Point were substantially completed in November 2011.

The details of contracts are below:

  • Contract No. SD/2019/03 : WDII – West Landscaped Deck and Other Roadworks
  • Contract 6 : WDII – Wan Shing Street Footbridge
  • Contract No. HY/2009/11 : Central-Wan Chai Bypass - North Point Reclamation (Administrated by HyD)


Wan Chai Development Phase II - Engineering Works (Extent of Reclamation and Underground Facilities) Sheet 1

Wan Chai Development Phase II - Engineering Works (Extent of Reclamation and Underground Facilities) Sheet 2

Wan Chai Development Phase II - Engineering Works (Roads and Above-Ground Facilities)